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Exercise doesn't just change your body, it changes your mind, mood and attitude. 



Hi There, I'm Nikki Ferguson a.k.a FIT MOM FERGIE. I'm a Mom and Mrs with a passion for fitness. But it wasn't always that way. For years I struggled with weight and body image issues. In my book Better After BabyI share how motherhood motivated me to make a LIFEstyle change. 


Now, as a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Coach. I help women, especially moms, look, feel and move better too.


It's my personal mission to support, encourage and empower women to push their personal limits, develop healthy sustainable lifestyles and achieve their personal fitness goals.

There is nothing I love more than helping women Get Fit & Gain Confidence. BOOK YOUR SESSION today! 



"Did this past Monday's replay this morning and I did Wednesday's on Thursday morning. Both were great as always and helped me through another difficult week."
-Elaine, Mom of 2
Nikki is so committed to making sure that her clients get the most out of every single workout. She is hands on and ALWAYS willing to go the extra mile with you. I was intimidated because I had never really done a workout class like this before, I knew my form would be off and I would be lagging behind, but Nikki assured me that she had my back and she helped me with everything from eating right and portion control to dramatically improving my form. 
-Crystal, Mom of 2
Nikki is a great coach/instructor! I've done other weight loss programs with a personal trainer in the past.  And besides being way more expensive, the meal plan just wasn't sustainable or realistic for me.
I've learned so much about myself and what I CAN do (which I never thought I could). I'm so happy I found the program when I did, it was just what I needed for my new life as a mom. 
-Cassie, Mom of 1  
Training with Nikki has helped me discover my strength again! Not just muscle strength, but mental strength. She has helped me change the voices in my head from negative to positive! Nikki is energetic, fun, inspirational...and exactly what this momma needed to get her confidence back! 
-Robyn, Mom of 1 

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